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Tuesday 2 February 2010

From today on, our website became internationla. You can choose from two languages. Czech and English. German will arrive soon.


And in the "special offer" section you may find complete Maranello chassis with ROTAX engine - at great sales prices!


Tuesday 2 February 2010 

For the first time is a large photo of Czech pilot displayed on the poster of international race of global importance - Marguti cup and Open master.


















 Sunday  31 January 2010

First training of 2010 is over. Weatherwas not against us and we achieved comparable results compare to other pilots in SKF categories. During the three days we made many laps an if there would not bet lots of heavy snowfall on Friday night, surely we would have stayed and continued. Because if will not completely move to Italy, it will be hard to keep up with teams like the CRG and TonyKart. CRG factory drivers, Fore and Kozlinsky on track Lonato arent only sleeping there, otherwise they spends all their time.

So, we plan ahead, where we will live once...

Pohár Elišky Junkové 2009

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Tereza Gromanova fantastic success!!!

Tereza received the award Elišky Junkova 2009 (the best female racing driver of Czech Republic).

Zdeněk Gróman won for the third time his classic 2nd place in the poll Golden Steering Wheel 2009th

Congratulations to both.

Cena Elišky Junkové 2009

Zlatý volant 2009


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Zdenek and Tereza received an invitation on the next Grand event: the Golden evening of Czech motorsport. Last year results will be announced during the 33rd annual survey of the Golden Steering Wheel, 4th annual survey of the Golden handlebars and 5th annual photo contest GoldenEye. The event takes place on Tuesday 26th January 2010 at 19:30pm in the TOP Congress Hall at the TOP Hotel Prague.

Sibling will compete in the kart categories and Tereza in the catogery for femali motorsport ladies Eliska Junkova Prize. But we will see whether journalists gave their votes to them. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Saturday, 23rd January 2010 

At this moment Hagemann racing can say that 2010 season began. License with the label 2010 are almost finished, applications for competitions sent and received, the first test is on its way ...

Hagemann racing (Tereza and Zdenek GROMAN) in the first half of the season attend all races at the top now, for the team, traditional chassis
Maranello with engines IAME - Parilla. In addition to the Winter cup in Lonato(BS), appears on all the races of the Euro series WSK and Cik-Fia European Championship. Everything in the world category Super Kart Formula. The only question mark hangs over the World Cup SKF in Japan Suzuka. For both our team and pilots would be a great challenge. We'll see. A 2nd half of the season? It is yet far away.

A Hagemann racing team participating in the national races in the Czech Republic?
(Calendar here) This is still a question whether they find in the busy European calendar time and strength. A find! Hagemann racing will appear at least every race Championship. But not always in their full strength. Otherwise the team is considering using Zdenek and Tereza here for best occupied with KZ2 class with new engines IAME.

Otherwise the team is just about the first year's trip. On Tuesday, leaving for Italy in its composition. Perhaps there will be better than here -20 ° C. Awaits this year's first-ever ride. Perhaps did not forget.


Tuesday 19 January 2010



The largest Italian exhibition of karting in Montichiari (Bs) in progress over the past weekend was truly impressive. It was attended by almost all the big teams and thousands of visitors. We therefore could not miss it.

Montichiari-2010Right at the entrance we found waving on us Ronni Ghezzie with fresh issues of magazines.In the multipage-photo album of WSK by Gregory Heirman we found our Groman´s more than once. Perhaps the most occupied area was a presentation in truck of CRG / Maxter, who won all the world championships and SKF KZ1 in the year 2009. Of course we couldn´t miss the opportunity to get a signed photo of a World Champion and WSK Arnaud  'KOKO' Kozlinsky. In the pavilion was also hanging arounf  the new, smallest pilot SKF 2010 Nick de Vries. He´s taking over the title from Teresa. She wasn´t participating due to the tests on the University, but no one forgot to ask her and greet her. Also the tire specialist "Vega", with which we agreed on this year's cooperation. Upon leaving, we greet the new pilot of Intrepid Yannick de Brabander and from Tkart we got T-shirts, supposedly to make us 0.5 seconds faster.

We add some pics intot he gallery. Check the GT1 Maserati, Koko Kozlinski, pits of Tonykart and last but not least the new engine of MARANELLO.



Sunday 6 December 2009


15 Prague rally spritn was more then a challenge. It showed to be friendly meeting of Maranello, Interpid and Birel czech drive. On the destroyed brick floor (after the racing cars) was anyway not possible to race much. So we made at least good exhibition for our audience. The responsible guys were Zdenek GROMAN on Maranello, Jan MIDRLA on Birel and Vojtech LIPOVY on Interpid. Gentleman performed on their exhibition: the handling limits, top speed, mechanical durability, beautiful pirouettes and as bonus they showed that kart could be also destroyed :-D

Wednesday 2 December 2009


On this weekend was on Slovakia taking place „Evening of Masters“. There have been pubicated all this years Champions in all motorsport events.

From our team were invited: Jan Filip – Champion of Kadet category. You can find few shots in our gallery. There´s also archived Jan´s first attend of „big“ ICA-Junior kart driving.


Saturday 28 November 2009


Hagemann racing, with Zdenek on the front, will take a participation offer on the Prag Rallyesprint on Strahov. Together with all czech rally racing crews,  also karting teams will be present there. Together eight pilots will stay on the start. Race will take place on Friday and Saturday 4.-5.12. We are sincerelly inviting all friends and fans to support us. More informations could be found directly on the webpage of the Prague Rallyesprint.cz




Wednesday 25 November 2009


 Brand new races schedule for year 2010 – check it in section „Racing team“



Saturday 21 November 2009


You can find in new photogallery finally the whole year´s contribution and racing of Janee Filip.